Welcome to Grand Island’s #1 NEWS Outlet! With FREE Advertising!

Welcome Citizens of Grand Island to “The Pirate”.  After reading on Candidate Nate McMurray’s  Blog http://www.votemcmurray.com/blog/ that a local Newspaper had taken down his paid advertisement because he is running for Town Supervisor.

Isledegrande takes down ad

Here is Nate McMurray’s blog response. http://www.votemcmurray.com/blog/2015/10/16/isledgrande-takes-down-my-paid-ad-without-notice-scary

Our opinion is, that newspaper is slanted, biased and controlled by the old cronies that run town hall.  And suddenly at 2015 Kaegebein School Political Debate out of nowhere, the cronies realized that OMG!, Nate McMurry is vastly more qualified to run our town than the current Supervisor, further everyone likes him, and he obviously won the Kaegebein Debate for Supervisor (Check the Applaus-O-Meter) and is climbing swiftly in the race, the only thing that little BIASED News outlet could do was TAKE-DOWN his add.  Just like the old cronies took down all the opposing Political Signs on Grand Island before Candidate James T. Maloney sued them to stop. Check this New Video out from Channel 7 https://youtu.be/KWpcDEyAYEs and this Video from Timer Warner Cable News http://www.twcnews.com/nys/buffalo/news/2015/10/15/grand-island-political-signs-update.html

If you are a resident of Grand Island and want to read the Article 78 lawsuit, here it is in PDF format for you to download and read.  Click here http://gipirate.com/PDFs/Article78.pdf

I have decided to create a news outlet that will not slant the news.  And also, since we are new. FREE ADVERTISING, for Grand Island Businesses.  We are looking for contributors to this NEWPAPER.  PROMOTE GRAND ISLAND!

Please be patient with us, we are only several hours old and setting up.

PS.  Here is a message to Code Enforcement who unjustly and improperly removed everyone’s political signs.  “Sorry buddy, we are in Cyber Space.  You can’t take our signs down or write us up for some obscure code violation.  And further our business offices will be located off Grand Island until the new administration takes control of the Town Offices.  The end is coming! “

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  1. I know that I will love this. Congrats to you who ever you are.

  2. Welcome, I look forward to reading from this news outlet daily,It will be refreshing to say the least.

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