Mary Cooke vs Rus Thompson

I have been hearing about this for the past few months. Rus Thompson was indicted for voted fraud by a Grand Jury back in May 2016.

According to Rus Thompson Mary Cooke sicked Doug Learman from her Code Enforcement Department on him and had his family improperly evicted from their home. Apparently, he had been speaking out against her and she retaliated against him. This is a feud that has been going on for years.

I have been told Rus Thompson is facing many years in jail for signing an affidavit ballot in the 2015 Primary and General Election. I think what he did is wrong, but I don’t think he should go to jail.
I think his hatred of Mary Cooke got the best of him and he just had to vote against her.

Now, we have Mary Cooke deleting 1,800 Town of Grand Island records. When is she going to get indicted for that. CLICK HERE TO READ

Through information and belief she called false complaints into the Erie County Board of Elections and said Nathan McMurray was harassing a voter in front of a polling station causing Election Inspectors to come out and investigate. Shouldn’t she be charged for that? CLICK HERE TO READ

We know she instructed Doug Learman from the Code Enforcement Department to take down her opponents political signs. State Supreme Court Judge Shirley Troutman stopped he from continuing to do that. Shouldn’t she be indicted for Official Misconduct in Office, a Misdemeanor? CLICK HERE TO READ

Now that I have said that. Here is why I wrote this story. I have heard that the driving force to have Rus Thompson indicted was Mary Cooke. Yes, that’s right Mary Cooke! Apparently, right after Nathan McMurray was announced the winner in the Supervisors race by the Board of Elections she attempted to find any way she could claw back votes to overturn those results. And it appears the only vote that could be found to overturn was Rus Thompson’s. This must have really infuriated her because she through such a tantrum she got the Erie County District Attorney to act.

I wanted all of the readers hear to know about this and I will keep you informed. I have heard there is a new development in that case that directly involves Mary Cooke. I will keep you all informed as we get more information.

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