Mary Cooke’s Bike Path Voted Down!

What kind of idiots are in control of this Town? The 3 idiots that voted against the West River Connector Trail. Ray Billica, Chris Aronica and Mike Madigan. On August 1st, the same people who voted to start this project voted against it (exception of Mike Madigan). Wait, did I really just say that? Yes, I did.

Let me explain. In July of 2013, Mary Cooke wanted to create the West River Connector Trail and Ray Billica and Chris Aronica and the entire Town Board voted in support of it. CLICK HERE TO READ THE MINUTES

Wait a Minute. Didn’t Ray Billica, just get up in the Public Hearing in front of all those West River Road residents and say the Town Board wasn’t behind this. And didn’t he just give a quote that is in the Buffalo News article that said “Councilman Raymond Billica acknowledged that McMurray drew the plan out for the board. However, he said, that’s as far as it went. Never did we discuss it, nor vote on supporting that plan” CLICK HERE TO READ BUFFALO NEWS ARTICLE

Really? I mean Really? Are you really that stupid? Did you think these July 15, 2013 Town Board Meeting Minutes had disappeared? Or you must have thought when your buddy Mary Cooke erased all the Documents in Town Hall these Minutes were erased too? Wake up RAY! You voted for this. You Supported This. And you know what? IT WAS A GOOD THING. AND NOW YOU VOTED AGAINST IT. I don’t know what’s worse. Voting against this or lying to the people of Grand Island saying the Town was never behind this Project to begin with? There it is in Black and White. You voted for it. You supported starting the project. Now that we have a new Supervisor and he is for it, so NOW you are against it? REALLY!!! Your a liar! You lied to everyone in the Public GREENWAY Meeting and you lied Monday in the Town Board Meeting. When are we going to finally get rid of these toxic Politicians. We got rid of Mary Cooke and Gary Roesch last year. When we get rid of Ray Billica and Chris Aronica we can finally start to move out of the Dark Ages.

Think about it. The West River Connector Trail was a good project for Grand Island. Yes, it needed to be amended so it would work for the people living on West River. I mean if some of the parking lots were moved or removed, we would have had a good project. Let’s face it, the West River Parkway is falling into dis-repair. The State DOT will not invest any funds into it because their is no traffic there. The State DOT will not even plow this in the Winter. This road is doomed to never get any money to repair it. We had an opportunity to get $2,500,000 and invest it into the West River Parkway area. And then have the New York State Parks Department keep it up. It would have been repaired and then maintained. Face it boys, Ray Billica, Chris Aronica and Mike Madigan, I am sorry to say you really dropped the ball here. Tell me, who is now going to repair the West River Parkway and then keep it maintained? I can tell you.


You bumbling fools (Ray Billica, Chris Aronica and Mike Madigan) need to think about the $2,500,000 you just threw away. Stop the Politics and think about the best interest of the Town and don’t let this money get away from us. Suck it up and do the right thing. Have a re-vote on this.

And what’s up with you Mike Madigan? You got elected on Fiscal responsibility. Do you know what $2,500,000 is? None of you 3 idiots do. Or did you get pressure from Mary Cooke and Dick Crawford to vote this way? Threatening future support from their Republican Committee. From what I hear, they won’t be able help you anymore anyway after September 13th. It’s time you grew a pair and stood up to them and realized change is on your doorstep. If you don’t fall in line with voting in the best interests of the PEOPLE of Grand Island you will be OUT too.


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  1. sign the petition!

  2. I don’t believe removing the parkway was in the original plan. That’s the problem

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