Grand Island Republican Party Plans for Chris Aronica!

From what I am hearing Mary Cooke is going to run for Town Council in 2017. It looks like it is going to be a Mary Cooke & Ray Billica ticket for the two (2) Town Council Seats. At least that what the plan of the day is.

Wait a minute, doesn’t the Grand Island Republican Party usually have a deal with the Grand Island Conservative Party to cross endorse Candidates so both one (1) Republican and one (1) Conservative get on the Ballot and then they each get endorsements from both Parties so they get all the votes from both parties for a shoe in election win? That’s why Mary Cooke’s husband sit’s on the Conservative Party Board as a Committeemen. He is there to control the cross endorsing. You really don’t think he is on that board because he has different political values do you? They play the Conservative Party board as puppets for their own gain.

And Chris Aronica won’t be going back to the Democrats for an endorsement. They gave him their endorsement 4 years ago. Then when he got elected he turned his back on them. How can you look at yourself in the mirror? You used those good people on the Democratic Committee who trusted you. That alone shows you to be untrustworthy and without character. You are morally unfit to serve us.

Wow! So where does that leave Chris Aronica? Chris Aronica should be running in 2017 as an incumbent getting the Republican Endorsement. Sorry Chris, didn’t you get the memo? I guess not, so I am posting it here for you. You are getting thrown under the bus. Sorry buddy, Mary Cooke wants back in and she has more clout than you. So you are out. Wow, and you did all that backhanded voting Mary Cooke asked you to do this year. Too bad you didn’t know about this before Monday when you voted against the West River Bike Path for her.

When are you people going to vote in the best interests of the Citizens of Grand Island? All you people do is screw each other over while the citizens of Grand Island get the shaft.

All of us Grand Island residents need to stand together and rid ourselves of you people once and for all. The time is now for new leadership in Grand Island.

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  1. Disgusted Taxpayer | August 8, 2016 at 3:37 pm | Reply

    If you attend Town Board meetings, you’ll quickly observe that Mr. Aronica is mostly unprepared and lacks understanding of many of the issues before him. He is the puppet of Ray Billica and will always vote along with him. He has a thin skin, angers quickly and routinely throws insults and jabs at those he opposes. So there you have the controlling trio: Billica the Bully pulling Puppet Aronica’s strings while Mike Madigan hangs in the wind waiting for Stalinist Crawford’s commands. What a sad state of affairs for the Town of Grand Island to be in.

  2. Oh, God… And now we hear Dick Crawford not only wants to control the town board and the police department, but is running for highway chief next year so he can lock in an $80K pension. He has no clue on how to run that operation. How can they let this go on?

  3. Who pulls the strings of Billica, Aronica, and now Madigan? Who is the puppet master? The only thing Madigan voted against those two was his vote on the Term Limits Law. He had NO CHOICE he was called out for not supporting it, after running on it. Someone is behind the scenes telling the three stooges what to do. Who could it be??? Anything that McMurray is for, even things that the three of them supported before he was elected. They are now against. And don’t look for an honest answer out of any of them. They are all seasoned liars and have no problem lying right to your face. I’ve seen it and experienced it after a town board meeting.

  4. Assemblyman Sean M. Ryan of Buffalo, meanwhile, said Thursday that he continues to consider running as the De 1808 mocratic candidate, though any decision does not appear imminent. Albany Republicans consider Jacobs their top candidate. Not only does he bring considerable personal wealth to any potential race, he has also scored overwhelming victories in two countywide races for clerk as a Republican in an overwhelmingly Democratic county.

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