Why hasn’t Mary Cooke handed her Greenway seat to Nate McMurray?

Peter McMahon a Democrat was our Supervisor in Grand Island for 4 terms. When Mary Cooke a Republican won the race for Supervisor in 2011, Peter McMahon graciously congratulated her, it is what we expect from someone with integrity and honor. Peter McMahon as Grand Islands Supervisor also had a seat on the Niagara River Greenway Commission. It is an important position for that of the Supervisor of Grand Island. To watch over our Greenway portion of the Niagara River. Peter McMahon also saw to it, because it was in the best interests of Grand Island to hand his seat on the Niagara River Greenway Commission to Mary Cooke. It was the right thing to do. The honorable thing to do. Peter McMahon also invited Mary Cooke into his office and handed all of his computer files over to her.

When Nathan McMurray won the 2015 election for Supervisor in Grand Island you would have expected that same scenario to happen. IT DID NOT. Mary Cooke acted like a spoiled little child. Mary Cooke did not invite Nathan McMurray into her office to hand over her computer files. She did the opposite. She deleted all of them. The Erie County District Attorneys office had to be called in to investigate her destruction of Governmental Records. CLICK HERE TO SEE NEWS HEADLINE When Nathan McMurray contacted her and said he wanted to come into the office and review everything, she screamed at him. She told him his training would start the day he took office. This is not a person with any moral character at all. This is not the kind of person that should have every been the Supervisor of the Town of Grand Island.

Mary Cooke is now refusing to turn over her seat on the Niagara River Greenway Commission to Nathan McMurray. Again, like that little child on the playground that won’t share it’s toys. She is refusing to see the proper hand-off of that position to the newly elected Supervisor of Grand Island. Not only is she refusing to relinquish her position. She is torpedoing the Projects that have been in the works for almost 4 years. She is trying to sabotage the Town Grand Island from getting over $2.5 Million Dollars in Greenway funding to invest into the West River Parkway area. All because she is no longer our Supervisor. WHAT KIND OF SICK DERANGED PERSON ARE YOU? She is behind Ray Billica, Mike Madigan and Chris Aronica voting against the West River Bike Path on August 1st in a Town of Grand Island workshop meeting. She sits and pulls the strings on the Grand Island Republican Committee and her Husband sits and pulls the strings on the Grand Island Conservative Committee. These politicians (Ray Billica, Mike Madigan and Chris Aronica) want those endorsements when they run for office. They do what she says.

I am posting a list of the names of individuals that sit on the Niagara River Greenway Commission. Contact them and tell them to remove Mary Cooke from their Commission and appoint Nathan McMurray our new Supervisor. She might even be in violation of their By-laws by sabotaging the West River Connector Trail project and your email might just push this issue over the edge.

Greg Stevens, Chairman maplewoodgreg@yahoo.com
Sam Magavern, Commissioner magavern@gmail.com
Darius Pridgen, Commissioner dpridgen@city-buffalo.com
Joseph Emminger, Commissioner jemminger@enpmappraisers.com
Mark Thomas, NYS OPRHP Mark.Thomas@parks.ny.gov

Cut and paste this into your email.

Addresses: maplewoodgreg@yahoo.com; magavern@gmail.com; dpridgen@city-buffalo.com; jemminger@enpmappraisers.com; Mark.Thomas@parks.ny.gov


Dear Niagara River Greenway Commissioner,
I am a concerned Citizen of Grand Island. I want you to remove Mary Cooke from her Niagara River Greenway Commission seat and appoint Nathan McMurray our new Supervisor to that position. Just like it was done when Peter McMahon resigned and his seat was given to Mary Cooke.

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  1. We’ve all known Mary Cooke is a vindictive and deceitful woman for some time now. Why is it taking so long for her to be indicted for destroying our town’s records? We should be using her massive town pension to reimburse the town for all the losses she’s caused us.

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