Isle De Grande is nothing more than Mary Cooke’s ranting page!

I never go to this site. It reminds me of what websites used to look like 20 years ago when the internet first came out. But, lately I have been trolling the comments of the people of Grand Island and I keep finding this Reg Schopp guy everywhere. I have realized that this Isle De Grande is just a Mary Cooke mouth piece.

Hey Reg, didn’t you take Nathan McMurray’s money for a political advertisement and then after the Kaegebin Debate, remove his paid ad because Mary Cooke told you too?

You have just been outed as a little Mary Cooke crony!

Isledegrande takes down ad

The Pirates opinion is, that Isle De Grande is not a newspaper, it is Mary Cooke slanted mouthpiece, biased and controlled by Mary Cooke. I guess the success of Isle De Grande is based on Mary Cooke returning to public office.

Sorry Reg, didn’t you get the memo, that’s NOT going to happen. Their is a new movement on Grand Island. Can’t you feel it?

So what is it with this Reg Schopp begging for donations on his Isle De Grand website claiming he has a huge budget? He even uses words like “PBS fundraiser” to legitimize his begging. CLICK HERE TO SEE I am also hearing Reg Schopp commandeers the Town Commons Bulletin Board wanting control of who posts an ads their. Really, like you then hit them up to advertise with Isle De Grande if they post their ad there, or you take their ad down? SHAME ON YOU! The Town Commons Bulletin Board belongs to the Town and should be controlled by the Chamber of Commerce, a REAL Non-Profit. Not Reg Schopp. WE NEED TO TAKE THAT AWAY FROM YOU. You should be ashamed of yourself.

You are all upset because McMurray already took away your updating of that pathetic website you ran for the Town of Grand Island. You bilked the Town of Grand Island taxpayers out of hundreds of dollars a week for decades to put updates on the Town website. It’s time they took away the hundreds of dollars a month you get for pushing stick pins in the Commons Bulletin Board. Is that why you want Mary Cooke back? So you can continue to bilk us Grand Island Taxpayers out of money? So you post whatever Cooke, Billica, Madigan and Aronica ask. You are a Crony.

This is WHY Mary Cooke and her friends need to be removed!
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I have a question for you Reg Schopp, since you BEG for Donations, are you a Non-Profit? It doesn’t look like it to me. Or do you live off these donations? Do these donations support your huge budget of promoting Mary Cooke? Or did you buy this Lobster Dinner with those supposed DONATIONS? CLICK HERE

Everyone in Grand Island needs to boycott Isle De Grande.

Everyone, there is a Real Newspaper in Grand Island. It is the Grand Island News. Click here to go there. A person with journalistic integrity writes there.

Kelly, all you need to do is post all the local events and Isle De Grande will sink into history along with Mary Cooke and all her cronies! It’s out with the old and in with the new.

By the way Reg, I can’t read Isle De Grande with my phone. Whats up with that? Don’t you know what Mobile Friendly means? If you weren’t using your DONATIONS for Lobster dinners, you could pay for a new website.

6 Comments on "Isle De Grande is nothing more than Mary Cooke’s ranting page!"

  1. And there you have it… Someone finally tells it like it is

  2. Isle De Pirate | August 10, 2016 at 10:27 pm | Reply

    Finally! This is why we come to the Pirate–TRUTH TELLING! Too many years of one sided story telling

  3. G.I. Resident | August 11, 2016 at 9:43 am | Reply

    Watch your back Pirate, we hear this guy can’t take it. Readily blasts folks in public. Remember the scene at the Cupcakery last year? What a show he put on there, all because they wanted to hang their cupcake award in the Commons Bulletin Board. But you’re right, Isle de Grande is there to support the Cooke, Roesch, Crawford and Billica gang. They fed it lots of money at the expense of us taxpayers so he would twist the news in support of them. He will lose though, and end up being on the wrong side of history. The change is happening now and it can’t be stopped. Too bad these people aren’t smart enough to see it and bow out gracefully and go home. Let us all, as the owners of our town begin to repair the damage these crooked despots have left us.

  4. …And let’s not forget Mike Madigan. He’s turned to fighting the residents on everything. He’s such a coward. He ran on doing what’s right. But Crawford’s let him know that if doesn’t do his bidding, the Republican Committee won’t support him to run for congress again. So he sold his soul to them and sticks it to us residents. What a pathetic sellout. Apparently, he’s been caught sending letters out and trying to have invoices paid without Town Board authorization.

  5. I’m hearing from inside town hall that Madigan, Billica and Aronica tried to scam the town accountant into giving them a check for several thousand dollars to pay for another one of Billica’s pet projects he wants to give to one of his buddies. They turned in an invoice with no board approval. They tried to go around the Superviser because they hate his guts. The new Superviser has put procedures in place to prevent these illegalities. He’s putting an end to the garbage these guys have gotten away with in the past. So it was caught in time and the check wasn’t issued. I think it’s time for these clowns to be removed from office. How can we do that? Does anyone know?

  6. ISLE DE GRANDE - SUCKS | August 24, 2016 at 10:22 pm | Reply

    I can’t tell you how disgusting that online rag is. Anyone who reads it just wants to bury their head in the sand. Thanks for being fearless GI Pirate!!!!!!!!!!!!

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