The Public is in support of the West River Bike Path 372 to 76!

I really was not following this issue closely until I attended the Public hearing on July 20th. Since that time there has been great controversy. The Niagara River Connector Trail project was started by the Town Board of Grand Island by a resolution passed on July 15, 2013. CLICK HERE TO SEE MINUTES

The then Supervisor Mary Cooke then filed an application with the Niagara River Greenway Commission to get the project underway. CLICK HERE TO SEE APPLICATION

Since the public meeting on July 20, 2016 two (2) online petitions have be created. One for people to vote YES for the bike path project and one to vote NO for the bike path. The vote is currently at 372 people for and 76 people against. 83% are for and 17% are against.

I have been hearing all these conflicting stories. I heard the West River Homeowners Association is against it. I then asked what is that? I didn’t know there was an HOA over there? Then I was told it wasn’t really an HOA. For you readers who don’t know, when you purchase a condominium, townhouse or other type of property in a planned development such as a leased land property, a gated community, or even an ordinary subdivision, sometimes you are obligated to join that community’s homeowners’ association (HOA) and pay monthly or annual HOA fees for the upkeep of common areas. I was told the West River Home Owners Association is not a HOA but a group formed to protect their rights. OK, that is great, I can see it. I am all for protecting everyone’s riparian/dock rights, property interests, etc. I was then told there are 240 homes over there and only 40 people that belong to that organization. So now I am wondering why that term is being thrown around?

I have talked to many people and most that I talk to are for the project. So I asked why did the Town Board of Grand Island vote against it? The main answer I am getting is. It’s politics. It’s Mary Cooke, Ray Billica, Mike Madigan and Dick Crawford are trying to sabotage the new Supervisor Nathan McMurray. They want him gone. He is doing a good job. This small group wants Grand Island to fall back to the way is was when they controlled the Town. Apparently, when Nate McMurray got elected he started to do what a good leader does and got this project going again because it had fallen stagnant. I am being told Mary Cooke doesn’t want him to get any credit for the project so she is trying to torpedo it even though it is good for the Town. Ask yourself this question. If Mary Cooke started it, why is she now against it? It makes no Sense. And Ray Billica standing up in front of 200 people and saying the Town is not behind this is even more puzzling.

Hasn’t everyone been complaining the West River is falling into disrepair? And now we the Town have the ability to get $2,500,000 to invest into the West River area. Yes, but these people don’t want whats good for Grand Island. They want whats good for them. And that is cronyism.

We the citizens of Grand Island need to stand up and get rid of these people. They and their friends and families have been living off us taxpayers for decades. My previous post exposed one of those people. They don’t want change. They want cronyism.

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I am attaching both petitions for all of you to see.

And in the reality of it. The Town Board of Grand Island has no say to block this project. This is a State Project. I have been told their was a similar situation in 2007 in the City of Buffalo on a project in the Canal there. And the Common Council voted unanimously against it and the State went forward anyway.

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  1. It’s not even close. The only people who want to stop this are the old guard cronies who live over there.

  2. The way that vote happened sounded very suspicious. If my Town Council did that, there would be quite a bit said by the residents!

  3. Another Path Lover | August 11, 2016 at 3:48 pm | Reply

    And Madigan, Billica and Aronica. They are trying to get the state to cancel the project and have us lose the $2.5 million grant money. They’re only doing this because Supervisor McMurray and Councilwoman Kinney are promoting the bike path for the good of all residents. They’re also trying to stop the Dunlop Building from getting a building permit. They hate all democrats. That’s why they’re doing it. To make them look useless while they push their own projects forward. They’re evil.

  4. Is this not an example of cronyism. When people or relatives & or politicians and media get together? Your story or post is one sided, claming it’s good for Grand Island, do you live on West River? Do your crony’s live there?
    Remember when our brilliant past administration got together and and increased the density for the boulevard apartment complex? they said it’s good for grand island. Yet they never asked the citizens opinion!
    The people, the Residents who live on West River continue to pay their taxes amidst continued inconveniences caused by poor planning and lack of respect. They are the true custodians of this “State Park” and they go above and beyond and are the great example of Grand Islanders. Their community rivals any other on grand island. Don’t forget the State took away their land. Nice!
    For those who think this is a novel idea there is a bike path already on West River, read the signs.
    You politicians use your power. Make contacts with your leaders in Albany . Reapropriate the funds put a bike path on the boulevard where grand island needs one. Connect the Island to Beaver Island where there is a actual Park.

  5. West River Property Owner | August 13, 2016 at 12:05 pm | Reply

    Let’s just ask every one of the homeowners on West River what they want and go with that. Apparently, most seem to want the parkway closed. 240 homes, 24 volunteers, 10 homeowners each to talk to. How long can that take? Then you know. Then maybe we can be friends again and move on to the next issue.

  6. A week ago on August 22, 2016 the Town of Grand Island Parks and Recreation Advisory Board officially went on record supporting the proposed repurposing of the West River Parkway as a multi-use bicycle and pedestrian trail Advisory Board members took this action because the Town Board continues to ignore them on important issues impacting the future of recreation on Grand Island. The signed letter can be viewed at this link (paste it into your browser:

  7. Jean Greinert | October 4, 2016 at 6:16 pm | Reply

    Of course we should build the bike path. Its great for Grand Island. I for one want to roller blade on it. I bet we could get food trucks there. And in winter, we can cross country ski on it. Count me in for building the bike path closest to the water.

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