Mike Madigan stoops to new low and lies to Grand Island citizens!

Today, I went to my mailbox and received a letter from Mike Madigan. Click here to see. First, I want to say that our Town Government is BROKEN. It has been controlled for years by the same people that have stifled positive growth and harassed local businesses. All I have to do is mention the name “Mary Cooke” or “Doug Learman” and everyone wants to throw up. It seems everyone has a personal story to tell when is comes to what has been going on in our Town for the past 20 years. And I have to say I am disappointed with Mike Madigan. I heard the story on how he came into the Republican Party, saying there is corruption and how he was going to make a change.

Well Mike, what happened? I guess you got invited into the club. They shut you up by inviting you in. Now they squeeze you by threatening the “Future Endorsement” card. You are now just a mouthpiece for Mary Cooke and Dick Crawford. They even squeezed you to write this letter. Am I Right? Of course I am!

Now lets get down to the Madigan letter. He says that “there is an effort by individuals to infiltrate and take over our Grand Island Republican Party” and “that they are are aligned with the Democratic Party” and they “even appeared in Democratic campaign material”.

First, the Pirate is aware of this movement. It is a movement of deep lifelong Republicans that have set out to clean up the Corruption and Cronyism that has plagued this Town for 20 years. It’s a shame Mike that you seem to have found a home with your new friends, those same people who just a few years ago you yourself called corrupt.

Remember, not so long ago, when Mary Cooke left office. Didn’t she erase all the computer files? CLICK HERE TO READ! Wasn’t the Erie County District Attorney called in to investigate. CLICK HERE TO READ! And that was when she left office. What about when she was in office? Didn’t Mary Cooke, Ray Billica, Chris Aronica and Gary Roesch instruct the Code Enforcement Department to take down all their opponents political signs? Click Here to Read! That really is low, I mean really, is this is what Grand Island Republicans do? I almost feel ashamed to be a Republican. No, I’ll just help getting rid of the trash that has plagued this town for years. And let’s not forget about the High Density Apartments. Now, tell me, why would you do something that would allow a Real Estate Developer to make an extra $1 million a year? Sounds like a payoff to me. Click here to read! I can go on and on and on, but I will stop with the Bike Path. Mary Cooke’s bike path. Click here to read. You see, I need to stop. I could keep going but I don’t want to bore the readers. That’s not what this article is about.

What it comes down to is this, are the Republicans of Grand Island unhappy with our government? Of course they are. Look at what happened last year. Nathan McMurray and Beverly Kinney didn’t get elected because suddenly their are more Democrats on Grand Island. They got elected because Mary Cooke, Dick Crawford, Ray Billica and their dog Doug Learman pissed off a huge block of Republicans. And it’s those pissed off Republican voters that are now coming to clean house in the Republican Party. This isn’t a group of Democrats. It’s a huge group of pissed off Republicans. They set out last year on a 2 to 4 year project to clean up the Republican Party and fix our Town Government.

Now we have you, Mike Madigan, writing this letter saying, Oh No! our Republican Party is being taken over by Democrats, help Mr. Republican Voter please come out and vote to keep everything just the way it is. Sorry Mike, no one wants to keep it the way it is. And you know what is going on. You know their is a huge block of organized pissed off Republicans at your door. So why are you saying Democrats are taking over the Republican Party? It’s an unbelievable statement. Democrats can’t run for a Republican Committee! You have just been OUTED as a LIAR!

The realization is it’s the same people that endorsed the elected officials that are being challenged. The people are unhappy with the current Politicians, so the committee that endorsed them are ultimately responsible. And that is what is going to get changed! Those people are going to get replaced.

You just put yourself out on the limb for Mary Cooke, Dick Crawford and Ray Billica. Were you really willing to go down with there ship? It looks like you were.

If you can’t tell yet, change is on your doorstep. Just wait till September 14th, you’ll be waking up feeling the realization that what you just did is about to come back and haunt you.

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  1. Mike Madigan has proven to be part of the problem on Grand Island. He quickly became one of the three stooges of town hall. Seeing he thinks he is so smart he must be Moe. I received one of these letters. He decided to join the Fire Department, Ever wonder why? It was just to get those votes. I wasn’t that easily fooled. So just to dispose of that notion, no not all the GIFD are mindless drones. Some of us think for ourselves. Funny thing is he is asking people to support Dean Morakis. Just a little FYI. He hates Dean Morakis. But because Dean and his not so bright girlfriend Jennifer do exactly as they are told he now has to support them. Just a couple more votes to get that agenda pushed through. So anyone that got a letter from Moe (Mike Madigan) do the town a favor, and DON’T Vote for who he is supporting.

  2. This Madigan clown will do everything in his power to trick you in to believing the same people who ruined this town for decades are the REAL REPUBLICANS. The biggest mistake we made last election is letting him sneak in. He was the lowest vote getter. His only goal is to help his pals get back into power.

  3. If i’m not mistaken I do believe his letter, written on his letterhead as town councilman violates elections law. Politicking is illegal.

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