Mike Madigan’s real opinion. Not the lie he just mailed out.

One of The Pirates readers who just read my last post just emailed me this. This person told me this is what Mike Madigan really said about the new individuals running for the Republican Committee.

Subject: Re: GIGOP- Petition update
Reply-To: Mike Madigan

Exciting times within GOP Committee – great to see this level of engagement and desire to engage in political process and desire to join the GOP committee. There still may be more primaries in other districts – we will not know until Monday (must be post marked the 14th – all mail should be in by Monday-Tuesday).

Being a Primary Challenge member and trainer for potential future committee persons (held several committeeperson and petition process training sessions in Erie County and Rochester this year and late last year) this number of challenges is healthy. Recall Leslie, I and several others became committeepersons in a similar manner in 2010. Note: In 2010 we had a Primary challenge member gain a seat on the Democrat party committee also – PC group is non-partisan.

We should all encourage such engagement and after the September primary is over we should discuss options for those that lose in terms of how we can keep them engaged for the purpose of future opportunities/openings – the greater the engagement the healthy and more diverse our party will be.

Best regards;
Mike Madigan

The above letter was the real Mike Madigan speaking.

Please now go to my last post and witness the Puppet, Mike Madigan, controlled by Mary Cooke, Ray Billica and Dick Crawford. Click here to READ!

Mike Madigan, what happened to you? Why did you sell your soul? Don’t you realize in a few days these people wouldn’t have had any leverage over you anymore?

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  1. Mike is a phony | September 10, 2016 at 5:46 pm | Reply

    The problem with this guy is he’s two faced. But anyone with a brain can see right through it.

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