Did Mike Madigan violate Election or Ethics Laws by writing ad for Committee Candidates?

The Pirate just received a comment from Rus Thompson on Mike Madigans letter. It appears that people believe that Mike Madigan using his position as a Grand Island Councilman violates some type of Election or Ethics law.


Mike Madigans letter was meant to keep the people who control the Republican Political Endorsements on the Grand Island Republican Committee in control of their positions. Ask yourself, do you as a Citizen of Grand Island want to see everything stay the same? Or do you want to clean house and get rid of the corruption and cronyism. If you do, and are a Republican get out and vote against any person Mike Madigan endorsed. Thanks Mike for giving us a list of WHO NOT TO VOTE FOR TO KEEP EVERYTHING THE SAME!

Right now there is a movement of very upset Republicans, they are the group that formed to stop the High Denisty Apartment Complex at East River and Whitehaven. They created the Stop GI Zoning Change website https://stopgizoningchange.com/ . They have formed together and are active to now change Grand Island Politics. They are running a slate of candidates to run for Republican Committee. If you want to change the landscape of Grand Island Politics, vote for their Candidates they are fed up and active.

FYI, they are not Democrats like Mike Madigan alleges. They are life long Republicans that are going to clean up the corruption and cronyism.


5 Comments on "Did Mike Madigan violate Election or Ethics Laws by writing ad for Committee Candidates?"

  1. Moe violating election laws and an ethics violation?? I am not surprised. He is just one of the Three Stooges being controlled by the same people that have been destroying our town for years! How many more apartments do we need? There are A LOT more on the way! All been approved by the previous board and already in the works! Whitehaven road isn’t busy enough let’s add 100’s of more apartments!!

    I will GLADLY support anyone that is against that!!

  2. I just read an article on the Grand Island News website. It does look like Moe might be in big trouble. Here is the link… http://www.grandislandnews.com/single-post/2016/09/12/Future-of-GI-Republican-Committee-uncertain-future-endorsements-hanging-in-the-balance

  3. Not only did Moe post a picture with instructions on who to vote for. He paid Facebook to make it a sponsored post. He is really trying to shape that committee to suit his needs. I don’t think that’s why people voted for him. So much for removing the corruption from Town Hall.

  4. He is really spinning out of control. He will say or do anything to make his “career” Salute Senator Magidan!

  5. Just Another Resident | September 13, 2016 at 2:03 pm | Reply

    Mike Madigan is a liar and a traitor to his own party. Such a creep. Does he actually think people will believe him? These people he disparages are our good neighbors that many of us have known for years. They are trying to overcome the iron grip of corruption that he, along with Dick Crawford, Ray Bilica, Chris Aronica and newbie puppet minion Pete Marston have on our town. Madigan is rotten to the core along with the rest of that bunch.

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