Letter to The Pirate! About Bike-Path “Option 4”.

Option 4
Let’s talk about the bike path proposal on West River. And the fabled “Option 4”. Let me start out by stating that “Option 4” DOES.NOT.EXIST.  Drawing two lines on a piece of paper does not make it an option.  There has been no engineering and cost estimates performed. None of the background work that is needed for a public works project has been completed. Continuing to promote a make believe option, is just getting people riled up.  Now, we are going to hold a public meeting that the State has not agreed to attend.  All so the supporters of this make believe “Option 4” can march up to the microphone and say they support that option. Again, that option only exists in fantasy land, and its creator’s head. Who created the make believe option that has everyone on West River up in arms?  Councilman, Mike Madigan.  Mr. Madigan is NOT qualified to create an option to the States project.  He has created this fantasy “Option 4” and sold this off as a real option to people that are against the closing of the parkway. Now, why are they opposed to the closing of the parkway?  Because people are LYING to them. Convincing them of some super secret plot to develop all that land into a campground with concession stands, cabins for rent. Refreshment stands, and the eventual building of condo’s.  This is all craziness being spread by people with an agenda, and the poor misguided people that are listening to them.  Take a good look at the online publication that removed all of Nate McMurray’s campaign ads. And the person that owns that publication.  Look at the things he is sharing and spreading.  He goes to the Town Board meetings and makes his comments from the audience.  Doesn’t have the courage to stand up to the microphone and spout his nonsense.  The sad thing is that the poor, uninformed, people that are doing it for him, are being made to look very foolish.  All while he sits back and laughs at them.  So what’s the connection between these two?  Why have they aligned to create this controversy?  Why did Mike Madigan possibly violate New York State Election Law to get this person’s Granddaughter elected to the Grand Island Republican Party Committee? LET’S FIND OUT!

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  1. Theresamerletti | September 28, 2016 at 1:47 pm | Reply

    Really what is option 4? Sounds like Trumpism you are spouting. The residents do not want it to spoil their view and do not trust the town or the state. Why should we? They took the land promised to care for it, never did. Now you want people to believe they will do right by them again ? No one believes it. The best option which I told Nathan personally is to pave a 4 foot area on the service road side where the signs for ” bike path” are currently! This should make everyone happy. The town should take the parkway over. God knows we pay enough taxes!

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