Why did Mike Madigan waffle on his Term Limits promise?

When Mike Madigan campaigned to be elected as a Grand Island Town Councilman, one of the issues he ran on was enacting a Term Limits resolution.  Citizen Legislators, NOT Career Politicians, is known as the largest grassroots movement in American history.  CLICK HERE TO SEE  Mike Madigan ran his campaign on that movement.  He said he was a man of the people?  Apparently, he is not.  He is now a puppet of Mary Cooke, Dick Crawford and Ray Billica.

Term Limits have been placed on 15 state legislatures.  Eight of the ten largest cities in America adopted term limits for their city councils and/or mayors, and 37 states place term limits on their constitutional officers.

U.S. Term Limits stands up against government malpractice. We are the voice of the American citizen. We want a government of the people, by the people, and for the people – not a ruling class who care more about deals to benefit themselves, than their constituents.  Like Mary Cooke, Dick Crawford and Ray Billica have for done years.  Just look at Ray Billica’s $1.5 Million Parks Shed Rip-off.  Where is he vacationing this winter?

So why is it that Mike Madigan didn’t live up to his promise?  I’ll tell you why!  Because Mary Cooke, Dick Crawford and Ray Billica pull his strings.  It has been brought to the attention of The Pirate that there were heated discussions in the Grand Island Republican Committee to not impose term limits.  Mary Cooke, Dick Crawford and Ray Billica demanded Mike Madigan not vote for Term Limits.  Mike Madigan may have been genuine when he first ran for office and wanted Term Limits, but when it came time to vote he RENEGED on his promise.  He will tell you he voted for Term Limits but he added this one line:

“Terms of office fully completed prior to the effective date of this law shall not count against the maximum term limitations established in this Article.”

Why was this added?  He just made the whole thing ineffective.  Does this prevent the career politicians from coming back?  NO IT DOES NOT.  Think about this the next time you see Mike Madigan and remember the promises he made during his campaign.  Once again he has shown himself to be a man without character.

You see, Mary Cooke who just lost the election in 2015 and held the office of a Town Councilwoman for 17 years and 4 years as Town Supervisor, can run again next year for Town Councilwoman.  Dick Crawford who was appointed Deputy Highway Superintendent and also served as a Town Councilman for more than 12 years can also run for Town Council if he fails to get elected as the Highway Superintendent next year.  You see, they are career politicians living off us taxpayers.  The Term Limit Law that was recently added to the books of the Town of Grand Island does not effect them.  HOWEVER, IT SHOULD HAVE!

Why did he do this?  Because Mary Cooke, Dick Crawford and Ray Billica ordered him to do so.  Mike Madigan really isn’t the Mike Madigan he told us he was.  He scammed us.  He is just another puppet of the people who really control Grand Island: Mary Cooke, Dick Crawford and Ray Billica.  You must wonder why I can say that?  Because they control the Grand Island Republican Committee.  And that’s where Mike Madigan gets his orders from.  Any future endorsements he needs to run for public office will come from them.  So they have control of him and you can now see that in his actions.

He has shown himself to be the fake he is.  I hear he is now waffling on his promises he made to vote on vacation homes.  REALLY?  Grow some balls Mike.  You don’t need to listen to them.  Don’t you realize that Committeemen are elected every 2 years.   It’s only a matter of time before we Grand Island citizens break Cooke’s, Crawford’s and Billica’s hold on that Republican Committee.  And then where will you be?  Just another rotten politician that lied to get elected.

The Pirate is calling you out to amend the Term Limit Law to reflect past office holders as well.  Remove that line you added.  That is what you ran your campaign on.  We don’t want our Town run by career politicians any more.


5 Comments on "Why did Mike Madigan waffle on his Term Limits promise?"

  1. Wow

  2. He sold out on the people again with his stand on the tourist homes. He is a disappointment.

  3. I’m confused – I waffled by voting for and enacting this into the town codes? Please explain? This law passed weeks ago and is now in effect.

    • gipirate-superuser | October 7, 2016 at 9:36 pm | Reply

      Please go back and read the article. Term Limits are suppose to prevent people from becoming career politicians. You “WAFFLED” when you rendered the law ineffective by adding one line that did not effect past office holders. WHY? I know why. I explained it in my article. Whats your answer? I am sure Bev Kinney and Nathan McMurray will vote with you to remove that line. Do you want to put that on the agenda for the next Town Board meeting?

    • gipirate-superuser | October 18, 2016 at 8:01 am | Reply

      I am still waiting for your answer?

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