The Pirate attends the GI2 meeting!

Yesterday evening The Grand Island Pirate attending the GI2 meeting hosted by Neil Gallagher and held at the VFW Post on Grand Island Blvd.  There were several speakers at that meeting, one if which was Grand Island Town Supervisor, Nathan McMurray.  The first topic that was 1st brought up was that someone in the crowd of 50+ people said that Reg Schopp had told them that the State was going to be at meeting held at the school that was addressing Mike Madigans Option 4.  That issue was immediately investigated as someone in the crowd reached out and texted Kelly Gast Petrie, the editor of who confirmed that the State was NOT there and never was suppose to show up.  The meeting then moved on to discuss several issues currently facing Grand Island, those issues were the West River Connector Trail, Grand Island Agricultural District, Municipal Broadband Internet and the recent issue on Vacation Homes.  The atmosphere was positive, friendly and every acted in a professional and courteous manner.  One item was brought up that seemed to irritate the crowd was Mike Madigan’s change of position and refusal to vote on the vacation home issue currently before the Grand Island Town Board.  Everyone was encouraged to attended future meetings.

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  1. Sounds like an excellent start to making progress. Amazing how much can be done when civility is present and vitriol does not enter into discussions. In our little Town, much more is accomplished when this is the atmosphere.

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