Grand Island Ethics Board Violation

The Pirate has been combing over the Grand Island Ethics Laws and our Advisory Boards.  It appears that I have found a violation.

Grand Island Board of Ethics

Deborah Billoni, Chair – 2017
Frederick Luhr – 2016
Kimberly McMahon – 2020
Christella Gress – 2018
Colby Smith – 2019

In our Grand Island Town Code Chapter 48-10 Board of Ethics.

C.  No more than two members of the Board may be affiliated with the same political party. No member of the Board of Ethics may hold an officer’s position in any political party.

Deborah Billoni is also the Grand Island Republican Committee’s Treasurer.  Deborah Billoni, Mary Cooke, Dick Crawford, Mike Madigan and Ray Billica are all members of the Grand Island Republican Committee.   Don’t you find it interesting that Mary Cooke’s, Ray Billica’s and Dick Crawford’s hand picked appointment, Deborah Billoni sits as the Chairman of our Towns Ethics Board.  So if one of them or their minions are brought up on Ethics charges, guess who presides over that hearing.  That’s right one of their own is in charge to police their Ethics.  THAT IS TOTALLY ETHICAL!  Saying that almost sounds funny, but it is NOT.  It is a violation of our Town Code.  This is the structure of things created by Mary Cooke, Dick Crawford and Ray Billica and now newbie Mike Madigan.

Remember the recent primary election.  Don’t you find it interested that they fought so hard to keep their same members.  Stay tuned, I have another big story coming soon.


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