Mike Madigan is at it again SANITIZING his Facebook Page!

I am getting all kinds of emails that Mike Madigan is removing posts and blocking peoples comments on his Facebook Page.  Mike don’t you want to know what people want.  Or is it that YOU want something and you want to MANIPULATE the consensus.  You, Mike Madigan, sit on the Grand Island Republican Committee.  Frank Greco, President of the West River Homeowners Association sits on the Grand Island Republican Committee.  Wake up Grand Island, can you see it now.  The Politics and Favoritism.  Mike Madigan has an agenda and it’s not yours.  Its his and his Crony Buddies at work.

There are 2 ipetitions running on the internet.  687 people voted for the Bikepath.   http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/BikePathYes and 439 voted against http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/we-are-in-support-of-gi-town-boards-vote-of-no.  But Mike Madigan seems to like the 439.

Now all those people who want this bikepath, keep hammering Mike Madigan on his Facebook page and Mike Doesn’t want to hear it.  So if you comment for Option 3, he will erase your comment and block you.  That’s really getting people upset on Grand Island.

You can all take back your Town.  There was a movement and an opportunity for all of you to do this back in the Primary.  A Group tried to take control of the Grand Island Republican Committee to cleanse and purge it.  But you all voted for MIKE MADIGAN’S People.  Big Mistake, you are paying for it now.   Make Madigan a one term Councilman and vote him out next time.  CLICK HERE AND REMEMBER.

Many of us got together to take back the Town, we lost.  We ran to take control of the Republican Committee and DRAIN THE SWAMP of the Corruption that the Republican Committee has over our Town.  But you will have an opportunity again in 2 years, next time Vote for Us.  This coming season there are 2 seats that are up for election for Town Council.  Remember, what Mike Madigan is doing.  And this time when he asks you to vote for HIS candidates, DON’T DO IT.  Take Back your Town from Cronyism.  Let’s purge out Town of these people once and for all.  Send Mike Madigan and his people out the door.   In Order to get Mike to listen to you, you have to be on the inside.  Send Mike a message, don’t vote for him and don’t vote for his people.

My past two articles were about Doug Learman, he is another one Mike Madigan is protecting.  He is dog that is sicked on you.  He and Code Enforcement is the used to harass you with code violations if you don’t see things there way.  All of these problems/people need to be purged from our Town government.

It’s time everyone woke up and voted to TAKE BACK YOUR TOWN and DRAIN THE SWAMP.  Say NO to Mike and whoever he endorses.

2017 is right around the corner.

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