Mike Madigan is out of Control!

It appears Mike Madigan is acting like a child who did not get his way and now is throwing a tantrum.  Wake up Grand Island!  Do Madigan’s actions seem familiar to someone else’s?  Let me remind you.  Both Mike Madigan and Mary Cooke sit on the Grand Island Republican Committee.  Mike’s getting his acting lesson’s right from Mary.

Remember what Mary Cooke did when Nathan McMurray entered the race to run for Supervisor of Grand Island?

She told Reg Schopp to remove his Political Advertisement that he paid for on Isle De Grande.  CLICK HERE TO READ

Then she told her unethical DOG’s, Doug Learman and his Code Enforcement buddies to remove Nathan McMurray Political Signs all over Grand Island.  CLICK HERE TO READ 

Then to top it off, when Nathan McMurray won the race for Supervisor, Mary Cooke threw her last tantrum and erased all of the Supervisors records which cost the Town more money when an IT Team had to be brought in to recover them from back-ups.  The Erie County District Attorney had to be brought in to investigate.  CLICK HERE TO READ.

Her tantrums cost the Town tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

So now we have Mike Madigan who’s seems to have popped a gasket.  He is proposing to fight the State of New York by proposing the Town pass 5 new resolutions Monday night.  Mike you are going to make the Town look foolish.  As a Grand Island resident I DON’T WANT YOU TO MAKE MY TOWN LOOK FOOLISH.   I don’t care if you and your close friends who sit on the Republican Committee don’t want Option 3.  The rest of the Town and the rest of New York State wants it.  Stop acting like a child and suck it up.  The Parkway is closing and the bike path is coming.  And you know this.  In fact you have been very busy erasing everyone’s comments off your Facebook page to try to make it look like everyone wants it your way.  GROW UP MIKE.  Stop acting like all those whinny babies protesting against Donald Trump winning the election.  What’s done it done.  Get over it.

It fact, I heard that this year when the Parkway is closed for the winter, it is being done for the last time.  This time the State will NEVER open it again.  So if we don’t get our new bike path, we are going to have a closed road doing NOTHING.  FOREVER!!!  They are not going to spend money on a road that NO ONE DRIVES ON.  Their traffic studies show even when it is closed and all traffic moves to the service road, the service road with be under 10% of the capacity it could handle.  So you can make up and the lies you want about there being more accidents on that road.  You can’t stop the State from closing the road forever.  It’s their money.  They don’t want to spend it.  You can throw all the tantrums you want, they are not listening.

All of you people who want option 3 and all of you people who don’t want our Town to waste money on a lawsuit fighting the State need to call or email Ray Billica and Chris Aronica.  Mike is trying to pressure them to vote with him,  and guess what, they are both up for re-election this coming year.  Tell Chris Aronica and Ray Billica if they vote with Mike to fight the State you are not going to vote to re-elect them.

Chris Aronica (716) 510-8302 caronica@grand-island.ny.us

Ray Billica (716) 864-9055 rbillica@grand-island.ny.us

And if you want tell Mike Madigan to grow up,  post on his Facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/MikeMadigan1854/

Then wait and watch your comment get deleted.



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