Grand Island moves on.

It appears that the 5 resolutions Mike Madigan proposed to fight the State of New York has caused all those people who were in support of Option #3, that remained silent, to stand up and be heard.  Many residents spoke out in support of Option 3 last night in the Town Board meeting.  These residents remained silent because when they spoke up in support of Option 3 they were attacked by the Not In My Back Yard group (NIMBY’s).  They were attacked in public and on social media by the NIMBY’s.  If you went to the Town Board meeting last night residents spoke up and their voices did not fall on deaf ears.  The 5 Resolutions that were proposed by Mike Madigan were removed from the agenda.   The Resolutions were:

A.  Reject the States plan to close the Parkway.

B.  Rescind support of the Transportation Alternative.

C.  Send letter to New York State Parks

D.  Direct the Town Attorney to investigate and identify options to keep West River Parkway open.

E.  Remove New York State placards showing Option 3 from Town Hall.

It appears that the Town Board as a whole came to the realization of the numbers of residents that supported Option 3 outweighed those against.  I find it distasteful those who supported Option 3 were attacked.  Finally, these resident woke up, got mad and stood their ground and realized they have a right to their opinion.  No matter who tries to intimidate them.  Mike Madigan’s conduct of erasing peoples opinions and blocking them from his Facebook page was addressed.  One citizen directly addressed that conduct.  You could say the NIMBY group attempted to bully everyone to force their opinion on everyone else.  But, that did not change anyones minds, in fact finally when the Town imposed restrictions of people heckling in the Town Meetings, those in support of Option 3 spoke out and their voices were heard.

It is time for our Town to move forward and embrace the future.  The future of democracy and change.  Not Cronyism and Political Favoritism.

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