It appears Mike Madigan has committed Political Suicide!

Since Mike Madigan added his radical resolutions to the Town Board agenda last week, those that supported Option 3 have risen up to show their numbers.  In the recent past the Not In My Back Yard group (NIMBY’s) were attacking any resident that supported the bike path.  If you came to a Town Board meeting and came to the microphone and said you supported Option 3, you were heckled, booed and stared down by NIMBY’s.  Their conduct became so outrageous, the Town Board had to institute a policy that when Public Comments are being made you will be escorted out of the meeting by a police officer if you clap or heckled.  Now, with that policy in place it became apparent that the majority of the Town’s residents are in favor of Option 3.  Many residents spoke freely Monday night voicing their approval of Option 3.  Their are many new young homeowners that do not have access to the waterfront that support this Option.

New rumors that Mike Madigan was also representing the interests of his employer Thermal Fisher are surfacing.  Mike Madigan used extreme and radical means to try to keep the Parkway open.  And it is coming to light that he was manipulating his Facebook comments by deleting residents posts and then blocking them to make it appear a majority of people were against the bike path.

He went to far as to try to get the Town of Grand Island involved in a lawsuit with the State of New York using our Taxpayer dollars.  This is not a game of Monopoly Mike.  Who do you think you are?  You are an elected Official.  The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.  Remember, that for the rest of your term in office.  I have spoken out against Cronyism and Political Favoritism.  If Mike Madigan was doing this because he was doing favors for the West River Homeowners Association and for his employer, then his actions are Political Favoritism and he has no place being a Town Councilman.



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  1. Grand Islander's for Progress | November 23, 2016 at 5:10 pm | Reply

    Name just one constructive thing this Councilman has done for Grand Island. That’s right absolutely nothing. If he isn’t pandering to some selfish person who wants to risk public safety to trap wildlife on town property he is engaging in underhanded scheming with the President of the West River Homeowners Association and his lackeys. I am tired of watching the tail wag the dog in this town. This elected official wants to deny us the opportunity to access and enjoy the Niagara River just so he can look out for his employer and the West River malcontents. What a mistake many of us made voting for this egotistical fool. It won’t happen again.

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