The Pirate sends a message to Town Councilman, Mike Madigan.

Mike Madigan,

I posted this comment on your Facebook Page and you deleted it.  So, I have posted it here.

Please take your energy and save our tax dollars.  The State said that it would entertain taking over maintenance of the Service Road as well as have the State Park Police do patrols on that road.  You need to immediately follow up on that.  Since this road is adjacent to land that will now be a State Park the service road/West River Road should become a State Road.  Put a resolution on the Town agenda to turn over West River Road to the State and do it NOW.  RIGHT NOW!  This will give our Town a tremendous savings.  The Town of Grand Island will then NOT have to plow it, maintain it or patrol it.  Jump on this now.  Get something for all your fighting.  Get them to take West River Road for you to accept their project.  Save all of us residents the cost of maintaining 8 miles of road.  It is now time to realize “The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few”.  It’s time to save our tax dollars, get the service road/West River Road added as a part of their project.  Don’t follow in the foot steps of our past Town leaders and miss the boat.  Don’t make the same mistakes they did.  Remember the Pipeline, we could have had a Community Center.  But, it was lost due to a failure of our past leaderships poor negotiating skills.  They thought that a lawsuit would get a better outcome, it did not.  The State will simply crush you and give you NOTHING out of spite.

I know you must feel like you were dealt a bag of lemons.  So, turn it into to Lemon-Aid and make the most of what you have to work with.  That is what you were elected to do.

The Pirate.

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