FAKE NEWS in Grand Island! Promoted again by Mike Madigan!

Really Mike,

I thought you learned your lesson after all the Fake News you spread over the West River Connector Trail and your Facebook manipulation of all the people posting on your Facebook page.  Grand Island has already had enough of your lies.

Time to Out You Again!

Now you are promoting more Fake News that Chris Aronica was removed by Nathan McMurray from the Parks and Recreation Committee.  Let’s Set the Facts Straight.  The Board of the Parks and Recreation Committee voted unanimously to remove Chris Aronica from being the Town Board liaison to that committee.  The ministerial act of completing that task was performed by the Supervisor according to code and bylaws of the Town of Grand Island.

Where is your head?  You write a letter to Isle De Grande and state that Nathan McMurray out of the blue removes Chris Aronica because of some West River Connector Trail vote????  Really, do you think we are all just sheep out here believing your crap.  Stop Lying.  We got your number.  I am going to follow up this post with the Minutes of the Parks and Recreation Committee’s Vote so stay tuned for more info.

Mike, we are having to deal with enough National Fake News.  So just do your job and stop lying.  We are going to expose you every time you do.

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