Why is Doug Learman still here? TIME TO RETIRE !

I heard Doug Learman was retiring by the end of the year.  The New Year is here and so is he.  I think it is about time Code Enforcement is finally gutted and repaired.  I firmly believe in Code Enforcement, but this Department was used by the Mary Cooke Administration as a tool of retribution against citizens of Grand Island.   And it is a broken left over piece of the failed Mary Cooke Administration.  I had thought Code Enforcement would be gutted when we got a new administration, but I guess not.  I have been compiling a list of all the atrocities carried out by Learman and his office.  I am creating a Timeline that goes back 20 years.  I am reaching out to everyone who has had issues with him to reach out to me.  I will be posting stories about everything he has done.

We the citizens of Grand Island spoke up when we denied Mary Cooke another Term as Supervisor and denied her hand picked Prosecutor, Mark Nemeth a seat as one of our Judges to convict anyone Doug Learman threw his way.

We the citizens of Grand Island need to finish the job we started and gut the Town of Grand Island offices of all the last remaining hooks that are still looming from Mary Cooke and her Corrupt Crony Administration.

My biggest question still is “Did that past administration get an illegal payoff from Heron Pointe Apartment Project.”  I continue to wonder why did they remove a Deed Restriction at 8:02 am in a secret Town Board meeting days before the November 2016 Election.  Any normal Town or City would have charged a huge sum to remove that Deed restriction.  I believe a huge sum was charged!  BUT THE TOWN DID NOT GET IT?  Read this is think about it.  Also, don’t you find it strange that Doug Learman gave no problems to this development?

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I want the DA to Investigate this!

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