Isle De Grande refuses to post a citizens “Letter to the Editor!”

This is no surprise to me ever since Isle De Grande took down Nathan McMurray political ad from their website right after the Kaegebin Debate in 2015.   This letter was sent to Isle De Grande and it was refused.  I will post the letter and the response.

I have been learning a lot between yesterday and today about the Town Liaisons to the various Advisory Committees.  I am learning that Chris Aronica and Mike Madigan have been using their liaison positions to influence the Committee decisions based on their own political agendas.  I will be following up on that soon with an article about that issue.


Jean Clabeaux

Title:  Mike Madigan,  Yes It Is Right

The contents of Mike Madigan’s letter entitled:   “It Is His Right – But Is It Right,”  is typical of this councilman’s behavior during his first year in office.  Specifically,  it is misleading and does nothing more than create chaos.

Mr. Aronica was removed from the Parks and Recreation Board after Mr. McMurray received a letter from the committee requesting this action.  The issue surrounding the removal was due to a  conflict  concerning trapping and came before the meeting that Madigan refers to in his letter.

The removal of Madigan from the Traffic Safety Advisory Committee begs the question.  Was he removed for simply expressing an opinion about Option 3 or did he try to push his own agenda?   Since Madigan didn’t address his concerns about the liaison appointment in the proper forum of a town meeting,  I am not sure if he wants to be a liaison or if he  just wants to complain about it.

Madigan seems to pride himself about making matters public.    Meanwhile,  he promised to provide the TSA committee accident reports on Ransom, Stony Point Roads and the Whitehaven Exit Ramp.  These are very dangerous intersections.  Did Madigan provide this information?  If so, why wasn’t  his findings shared with the public?   The TSA committee also expressed a concern about putting   a cross-walk and  more lighting at Life Technologies.  Where’s the public update?

Madigan’s first year in office has been chaotic.

He has not introduced one idea that has been implemented.

The “town meeting”  he organized in October at Grand Island High School  provided no agenda,  no update and I am still waiting for the video of the meeting that he promised.  It is my understanding that Madigan was disappointed that attendees  at this meeting were not permitted  to make disparaging remarks about our supervisor.

Madigan’s work on the bike path has been  a  disaster.  First,  Option 4 was the greatest thing since sliced bread.   When that failed, he began to champion Option 5. That fell on its head and he is now on a safety mission in attempt to satisfy,  what I believe to be,  his special interest group(s).

The board spent several months putting together a proposed law for tourist home rentals.  After doing so, Madigan reneged  on his campaign promise to vote for the approval of this law.

In a town board meeting back in October,  Madigan boasted about his budgetary concerns.  He said he wanted to keep costs down so there wouldn’t be an increase in property taxes.  Yet,  he entertained costly lawsuits for two projects;  the bike path and the tourist home law.  The people of Grand Island elect our town officials to handle these matters here in town hall and not a court of law.

Instead of consistently attempting to belittle our town supervisor,  Madigan ought to take heed of  Nate McMurray’s work  and begin following his  footsteps.   In his first year,  Nate cleaned up the round about and  had trees planted at the thruway exit.  Now,  there’s movement on the Dunlop Building that laid dormant for over 23 years.  We have a new tourist center coming.  There are grant requests for a community center.  There’s  a new farmer’s market. Broadband  (many thanks to Bev Kinney) and  solar power are now a work in progress.

Jean Clabeaux

Here was the Response


I have been reading your letter to the editor.

I was hoping that we can make 2017 a more civil year.

We try very hard not to present a position, for either side.

You are entitled to your opinions but please make sure they are stated as such.

Can we please  stop the mudslinging and bring civility back into Town Government.

If you would like to resubmit your letter Jodi and I will gladly revisit this.

Thank you.

Reg Schopp




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