So where was Doug Learman????

He must have been too busy being a little nazi searching and Facebook trying to catch all us residents having improved basements. Or harassing all the business owners who aren’t liked by Mary Cooke and other Republican Committee Members. Well now you have it, the albatross to hang around his neck. Time to terminate this person from the Town of Grand Island’s Code Enforcement Department. He is a Timeline of the Waste Dump that dates back to 2002.

Their are a few ideas here. Either Doug Learman knew and looked the other way. Or he was incompetent in his job and allowed this to happen.
If you were in Code Enforcement in Grand Island my option is he knew about this from day one. The First Picture is 2002, then 2004and then recent pictures.  There are hundreds of thousand of yards of fill material.  People are speculating that their is toxic and possibly radioactive waste their that have been covered over with highway millings.  More on this to follow.

Wast Dump 6-2004Waste 10-2011Dump1 Dump2 Dump3 Dump4 Dump5

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