Bill in Congress would pressure Palestinian gov’t to cut off terror-tied payments!

If Donald Trump made a ransom payment for hostages, would you be outraged?  If Donald Trump used Taxpayer dollars to pay terrorists to kill Americans, would you be outraged?  Of Course you would.  Any other answer is inconsistent with American values.

The Obama administration did exactly that.   As the economy heals and the United States re-emerges as a world leader in foreign policy, the stock market goes to record highs and jobs come back to America at a record pace the anti-Trump movement looks foolisher and foolisher.

Obama paid Iran hundreds of millions of dollars to release American Hostages.  Prematurely pulled out of Iraq, creating ISIS, drew a Red Line in the sand over Syria’s Chemical Weapons and then lied about their removal, allowed North Korea to test Nuclear Bombs and Missile Systems.  Obama also funded the Palestinian Authority that supported Terrorism.

The very 1st thing Donald Trump did as the President of the United States was block $221 Million Obama tried to sneak out the back door and give to the Palestinian Authority.  CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE  And what does the Palestinian Authority do with our money.  They pay pensions to Terrorists families that have killed Americans and Israeli citizens.  This practice is inconsistent with American values, inconsistent with peace, and inconsistent with decency.  It must be stopped.

A New Bill is being introduced to Congress to prevent our Tax Dollars to go to nations that support Terrorism.  The Bill is called the Taylor Force Act.  It will cut off aid to the Palestinian Authority unless they cut off aid to Terrorists.


Here is another related Cartoon.

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