On Tuesday, Vote for Dan Drexilius for Highway!

If you are a Republican or Conservative living on Grand Island , I cannot stress how important it is to vote in the Primary this year.  We have all been working to drain the swamp in our town.  The past 25 years have been terrible.  Small businesses have been harassed.  The Code Enforcement Department is used as a weapon to target individuals and businesses.  And the Republican Committee has been used to get family and friends hired into the Town, whether they are qualified or not.  Two years ago we started to drain the Grand Island Swamp.  I was to stress it is a toxic mess.  The Town is still polluted with friends and family of Republican Committee members.  These people still do their bidding.  The Code Enforcement department is still being used as a weapon to hurt those that they don’t like.  All of this kind of conduct needs to be stopped.  Getting Nathan McMurray and Beverly Kinney elected was a start.  But it was only a start.  We now need to work toward finishing the job.  This election will not be the finish as we are still in the middle of the fight.  However, we all must stick together and work toward the end we started.  Take 10 minutes out of your day on your way to work, Tuesday, September 12th and vote for Dan Drexilius for Highway Superintendent.  It will make Grand Island a better place for all of us.  The Code Enforcement Department still does takes its marching orders from Dick Crawford and those that control the Republican Committee.  It’s time to end rein of terror and harassment from this small group has imposed on the Town of Grand Island.  Make Grand Island a better place for all of use to live in.  Go and vote for Dan Drexilius in the Primary Election.


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