All Grand Island Residents need to drive through Fareway Lane!

If you are a Grand Island resident you need to go and drive to Fareway Lane and look at the work of Dick Crawford.  He will blame it on a subcontractor.  But the buck stops with him.  He hired them and he is responsible.  Is this what you want the rest of the island to look like?  I don’t.  Drain the Swamp and vote for Dan Drexilius.  He has worked in construction his whole life.  Dick Crawford is a Politician now in charge of the Highway Department.  Who do you want running the Highway Department.  They say a picture speaks a 1000 words.



You can’t blame materials on workers who pushed this material over a drain.  You need all the drain holes to remove the surface water.  Someone needs to call the DEC and see what laws were broken by this material being pushed into the Storm Sewer.  It is like an oil spill on water.  This is the result of workers NOT being supervised.  Stop in and talk to the residents at Fareway Lane.  They will tell you.   The workers where not supervised and even told the residents this stuff doesn’t work.  Here are Facebook Comments.

Don Keller It’s terrible. I live there. the road needs to be taken down to grade and started fresh. not sure how all the tar on curbs, sewers, driveways (and grass) can be removed but street needs a complete do-over. I can guarantee you Dick Crawford just lost a streetful of voters.”

And here is a comment to a Highway Employee blaming it on materials.

Don Keller That’s not what the contractor crew told me yesterday while doing it. They said that was it cheap crappy technique that they actually hate doing because the results are so awful.”

Jenn Jablon Pusatier I am no expert but if the materials were not correct…. why did it continue to be put down? And tire marks? Finishing around the drains? Ends of driveways? This confuses me! If I was painting or doing whatever and the material was no good I would stop….. now what happens with that garbage all over the road?”

And it is a cheap fix on a road that needs to be repaired properly.  The Highway Department workers will try to explain it away on the product.  Drive by the Highway Department today at 3pm.  See what your tax dollars get you under the Supervision of Dick Crawford.  In fact, everyone needs to start watching the Highway Department trucks and call in there location when they are on break.  Let’s time their 15min breaks.  I’m hearing 1 1/2 hours.  Why do you think they all want Crawford.  He wants their support and lets then slack off.  All he wants is a paycheck and a pension on our tax dollars.

I don’t want my neighborhood looking like this.  Do you?  Wake up Grand Island.  Do you really want a Politician running the Highway Department?

Vote for Dan Drexilius in November!


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