What is the Grand Island Pirate?

The Grand Island Pirate is a movement that has made Residents in the Town of Grand Island aware of things that go on in the backroom. Things they want to know. We need competent people running our Town. NOT CAREER POLITICIANS who are appointing their family and friends to positions in the Town they are NOT qualified for. It is call CRONYISM. PEOPLE WANT TO END THE CRONYISM on Grand Island.  There is a very large Group of us (2000+) that didn’t want 300+ plus apartments (Lighthouse Point) on East River and Whitehaven. We got together and stopped that. When we did, we realized that we should continue and clean up the Town and the Political CRONYISM that has been going on for 25 years. Our next goal was removing Mary Cooke and Gary Roesch. We did that. We are not finished. You see, you think the Grand Island Pirate is one person. It is not. It is a movement or 2000+ people. Maybe it takes one person to stand in front. But, I represent all those Grand Island residents who want CHANGE. They want to END CRONYISM. They want to end the stranglehold on the Town of Grand Island that Mary Cooke, Gary Roesch, Ray Billica and Dick Crawford had on Grand Island. They want to end using Doug Learman and Bill Shaw in Code Enforcement as a weapon to hurt people that they didn’t like. They want to stop unqualified people being appointed to Town positions because they are their family members or friends. That want to end 1 bid jobs like the $1.5 million Park and Recreation Building. THAT IS WHAT THE GRAND ISLAND PIRATE IS.

This year we are going to see that the Highway Department is run by a qualified individual. And end the Cronyism that led to Dick Crawford (a Politician) being appointed (NOT ELECTED) to Deputy Highway Superintendent. This year we are going to get elect Dan Drexilius elected. That is what the Grand Island Pirate is.

Go to our Facebook Page.  https://www.facebook.com/GIPirate/  Click Follow.  And you will get every post we make.  We will keep you up to date on any news.  We are now investigating who the Sub-contractor that did the Micropaving road jobs are.  We are looking to see if it was a Friend or Family member of any local politicians.  It obviously wasn’t done by qualified workers who pave roads.  If they were experienced they would NOT have covered manholes, they wouldn’t have put excess material on the grass, they would have smoothed out the surface, they would have properly, protected any surface that had not yet dried.  We will let you know if their are any connections.  Any under the table dirty deals.  Any kickbacks.  We are working to END THAT.

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