MYSTERY PHOTO! Is this an Alien Landing spot?

Did anyone realize what this photo is?


Here is a Hint.


If you lived on Fareway Lane you might have guessed.


The Answer is it is a photograph of what a manhole cover looks like if it gets covered with Micropave.  That’s right.  The Contractor paved over the manhole cover there.  Are you suppose to do that?  Of course not.  Who would do such a thing?  Because someone who has NEVER worked in construction and paved before did it.  Why?  Because the first time you did it you would have been fired or told to NEVER do it again.  This leads to another question.  Who was the contractor?  Where they related to any Town Officials?  Are they insured?  Because if they are, someone should be looking into their insurance to get a quote to repair all the damage they created at that job.  Dick Crawfords CRONIES are all over Facebook keep trying to cover up what was done to protect Dick Crawford?  Why?  CRONYISM.

I always thought when you are going to hire someone to do a job you get their resumes and from researching their experience you hire them.  Do you hire a Politician or do you hire a Construction and Paving Contractor when you are going to pave roads?  In Grand Island, Dick Crawford, Mary Cooke, Ray Bilica and Gary Roesch hired Family and Friends using Taxpayer Money to enrich themselves and then get Fat Pensions.  END THE CRONYISM!

IF YOU SAW THE FAMILY TREE OF THE EMPLOYEES OF TOWN OF GRAND ISLAND OFFICES it would make you sick.  You would think we live in some back woods little Town in the BOONDOCKS.   For the past 25 years it has been polluted with family and friends of Dick Crawford, Mary Cooke, Ray Bilica and Gary Roesch or others who sit on the Republican Committee.  CRONYISM.  LETS ALL END THE CRONYISM ON GRAND ISLAND.

Here are some FACTS about that Picture and the Paving job at Fareway Lane:

FACT: The Town of Tonawanda does NOT Micropave. WHY? Go to Fareway Lane you will see your answer. It creates a substandard fix to a bigger problem.

FACT: Dick Crawford has ZERO experience in Engineering, Construction or Paving.

FACT: Fareway Lane, Bluejay Lane and Sandpiper are a DISASTER.

FACT: These streets will never look any better than is does now until they are milled and repaved. Dick Crawford can talk to all the residents on these streets to try to save himself, but until he says he is going to mill and repave that road, the Disaster will live on.

FACT: Dick Crawford is a career Politican that was appointed, NOT elected to the Highway Department.  WHY?  CRONYISM!

FACT: Dan Drexilius has been in construction and paved roads for over 30 years.

Go to the Grand Island Pirate Facebook Page. Click Follow, we will keep you informed. We are looking into the Sub-Contractor to see if it is a family or friend of Dick Crawford’s. Question to all. WHY would Dick Crawford hire an inexperienced Sub-Contractor that did work like Fareway Lane? WHY wasn’t the sub-contractor supervised by someone in the Highway Department?

DO YOU NEED ANY MORE FACTS? Or is it clear that you should vote for Dan Drexilius for Highway Superintendent. If you didn’t know either of them and just looked at there resumes it would be clear who to hire.

This year, hire the person qualified for the JOB.   VOTE FOR DAN DREXILIUS!

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  1. check out cottagewood drive if you want to see a street in poor condition. Drive down the street at 15mph and feel the drops in the road where pipes have sunk under the road that is only 45 years old. Who is at fault, the town board who allowed the development to be built in wet lands, or the town engineering department that was supposed to supervise the constuction of the road.

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