Paving issue makes the Buffalo News! STOP THE CRONYISM!

We all know what is happening with the paving issue.  The question still remains.  Why wasn’t anyone in the Grand Island Highway Department supervising it’s sub-contractors.  We hear it was a BAD BATCH.  Really?  If it was, why did they continue?  On any State or County job that has subcontractors, they have an inspector constantly watching, checking depth, checking consistency, checking for any errors.  This comes down to inexperience and lack of pride in workmanship.  Think of curb appeal.  I am proud of our Town.  If you were selling your home right now in one of those neighborhoods, you would have a serious issue.  I don’t want to see this happen again.  It never happened before.  We have a Highway Superintendent who is not there.  A Deputy Highway Superintendent that is a Politician trying to get a bump in his pay so he gets a bump in his Pension.   Why wasn’t anyone supervising these people?

Do any of you Grand Island residents realize how the Pension system works for these Politicians?  Let me explain it to you.  Dick Crawford, was a Councilman for 20+ years.  They make around $20,000 a year.  Their Pension system has a calculation to determine your Pension payout.  If Dick Crawford retired as a Councilman, they take the 3 highest paying years and average them together and then your Pension Payout is about 50% of that.  $20,000 + $20,000 + $20,000 = $60,000 / 3 = $20,000, now take 1/2 that which is $10,000 a year for life.  In 2014 Mary Cooke was the Supervisor.

ASK YOURSELF THIS QUESTION.  Dick Crawford had been there for 20 years, WHY wasn’t Dick Crawford made the Deputy Supervisor?   Wasn’t Dick Crawford suppose to step up to Supervisor next?  Was is Lighthouse Point?  Did Dick Crawford see the writing on the wall, was everyone in Town was getting sick of the CRONYISM?   Or a combination of all of these points.

Did Crawford also just lost his job as a Pharmaceutical Salesman.  So what did he do?  J. T. Tomkins owed him a favor.  Dick Crawford saw to it that J.T. Tomkins got the Republican Endorsement for Highway Superintendent and the Republicans carried him to a win.

When the Grand Island Deputy Highway Superintendent left and when to work for Erie County there was an opening, A HIGH PAY OPENING.  Dick Crawford cut his deal with J. T. Tomkins and was appointed the Deputy Highway Superintendent.  Now, I am not exact with these numbers but they are close.  Crawford’s pay is now $65,000 a year.  Guess what?  His pension is now;  $65,000 + $65,000 + $65,000 = $195,000 / 3 = $65,000, now take 1/2 which is $32,500 a year for life.  GUESS WHY ALL THOSE CRONYS ARE FIGHTING SO HARD TO GET DICK CRAWFORD ELECTED?  It’s not because he is good at being the Highway Superintendent.

This is Why!

The Highway Superintendent makes almost $100,000 a year.

His pension would be;  $100,000 + $100,000 + $100,000 = $300,000 / 3 = $100,000, now take 1/2 which is $50,000 a year for life.

This is why the CRONIES OF GRAND ISLAND all over Facebook support and want Dick Crawford to be elected.

Guess who pays for the Pension.  US TAXPAYERS!

This year STOP the CRONYISM.  Elect the man qualified for the job.

Vote for Dan Drexilius.


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  1. Has anyone asked where is JT? Why do we pay him he hasn’t been around in about two years. Don’t let them fool you they started this shit paving job business only since JT has been around, our street was one of the first, it took years to remove the small pebbles and dirt from our street. Dick Crawfords name should never be in the paper or on the news it should have been JT, oh but that’s free advertising.

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