Nate McMurray will be Grand Islands next Supervisor!

It’s not official yet, and no one will officially say this yet.  But, Nathan McMurray will be Grand Islands next Supervisor.  Today, the Board of Elections opened 150 absentee ballots.  The outcome was 80 for McMurray and 69 for Cooke.  This gives Nate McMurray a 15 vote lead over Mary Cooke.  There are 33 Affidavit Ballots and the Board of Election employees have validated 22 of them.  That means there are 22 votes left to count and 10 of those votes are Democrats.  The Grand Island Pirate calls it.  Nate McMurray will be our next Supervisor.   Congratulations Nate!

Tomorrow at 9:30am the parties will go back to the Board of Elections for the final canvas and the official ruling.  We will announce it officially here right after the ruling.


3 Comments on "Nate McMurray will be Grand Islands next Supervisor!"

  1. Lets all just hope Cooke concedes immediately. We don’t want to have to go through a lengthy recount. The people have spoken Mary. Somebody with ZERO political experience came in and unseated you on their first try! What do you think that says the people of Grand Island think of the job you have done for us? When town board meetings are PACKED full of people screaming at you. Maybe you should have listened! I guess its time for you to pack YOUR bags and get out!

  2. Thank god

  3. It's a good day | November 18, 2015 at 6:28 am | Reply

    Mary, you got what you deserve! The small business that you would not support are the ones speaking with the community of Grand Island on a daily bases and they listened. They listened to how you bullied them or would not give them a chance to grow before you would force them into spending enormous amounts of money to stay in business. If you look down Grand Island Blvd it seems that the town only supports large corporations. They listen to how you supported major companies from off the Island that make millions, while the small starts up’s struggle. They watch how you preach small business Saturday but then YOU turn your back on them. A little bit hypocritical if you ask me. All those small business if allowed to grow could be something instead of squashing them before they even get there feet off the ground. People of Grand Island always say there’s nothing to do on Grand Island, while the people of Grand Island have to support those small business and other things will come. But it starts from the Top and trickles down. Lewiston is a perfect example. No chain restaurants only local eateries, the Fall’s is very faithful to their long running establishments such as Dicamilo’s and Viloa’s. If you need help packing up your office the community will be there to give you a hand. Nothing personal Mary but you never got it. You will retire from Grand Island with a nice pension so enjoy your time off.

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