Nate McMurray officially named winner in Grand Island Supervisor race!

The Erie County Board of Elections has opened the affidavit ballots today and the final results have been announced in the race for Supervisor for the Town of Grand Island.

Nathan McMurray won the race for Grand Island Supervisor by 14 votes.  The total votes received were Nathan McMurray with 2,768 votes and Mary Cooke with 2754 votes.  Nate asked the Grand Island Pirate to says thanks to all those who helped him achieve his victory.  He is looking forward to stepping into his role as Supervisor.

4 Comments on "Nate McMurray officially named winner in Grand Island Supervisor race!"

  1. Elisabeth Hopkins | November 18, 2015 at 3:29 pm | Reply

    Congratulations, I can’t believe it ,we have wanted this for so many years around here. Fantastic job!!! So there is a Santa Claus after all

  2. Oh, has she made her gracious concession speech yet?

  3. She is unlikely to go quietly. and certainly not graciously!

  4. HA!!! This is awesome! No matter what happens I love that the old way has been challenged. Nate M never lets me down. That dude is Rad!!

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