Grand Island wakes to a New Era!

It was a shock yesterday.  All of Grand Island sat awaiting the news.  And after hearing it, there was almost disbelief.  A moment of “is this really happening”?

And then the news hit the street, not from any news source, but word of mouth.  First, there was a flurry of texts and phone calls made out of the Board of Elections Offices while the few who were on hand to hear the news reached out to friends and family.  And then it hit Facebook and Twitter.  By the time the Pirate made it back to Grand Island, it seemed everyone on Grand Island already knew.  As we drove back onto the island we saw some friends and yelled out the windows “did you hear the news”?  The answer was “Yes, just heard, it’s awesome”    The news hit Grand Island with jubilation.  It was like something you never saw before.  Almost like a silent unknown darkness was lifting.  THE REIGN OF TERROR is over.  Then a quick stop at McMahon’s Restaurant, the news was already there.  Within several hours the Pirate was already hearing rumors coming out of Town Hall that they were going to rename the Code Enforcement Department the Building Department.  It’s seems it was not just the residents of Grand Island that were aware of the broken system that exists within.

I wake with a sense of joy of the good things that are now coming to fruition.  Nate McMurray, you are going to be like a breath of fresh air to Grand Island!  You have not yet taken office, but you have united the residents of Grand Island, who now look to you to lead our special little Town into a new era, a positive era of new growth and prosperity.

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  1. Watching from another Town in another State, I share your joy and the prospect of such positive change. Wise decision, Grand Island. You will be pleased by the results of this very difficult race.

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