Good Morning Grand Island! It’s a wonderful day.

We shall take a quote from a resident yesterday at one of the local establishments.  “Grand Island residents are dancing in the streets”.  Yesterday was a day of celebration as it became official that Nate McMurray won the Grand Island Supervisors race by 14 votes.  Mary Cooke still has 48 hours to have her attorneys file any type of Court action against the election, however there is no cause of action left that will over turn the results.  Each side objected to 1 Absentee Ballot and the Board of Elections Commissioners ruled against each party with those Tuesday morning.  And each side objected to 1 Affidavit Ballot Wednesday morning.  So, even if Mary Cooke’s side went to court, it would be to challenge the objections she made to 2 ballots and that would not change the election.  It looks like it is finally time to turn the page.  Already, you can feel the change in the air.  One of relief.  I can tell you personally that people really feared the Town.  And they never should have.  However, many people felt helpless defending themselves.  We had the Town Assessor viewing all pictures of new homes for sale to see if they had a finished basement that was not permitted.  It had town residents and realtors furious.  Then we had the selective Code Enforcement being dealt out in a punitive fashion against small businesses.  This was definitely not a friendly place to open any business.  That will all change now.  Congratulations Nate, we look forward to your positive attitude and extensive experience in business relations.

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  1. From some of the sagas I have read, it sounds as if the Town was being governed by Mr. Potter from ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’.
    A new day dawns. 😀

  2. Melba, I don’t know you, but I like you!

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