Grand Island turns the page!

What a fantastic day yesterday was. First, that was the largest turnout ever for an Inaugural Event in Grand Islands history. It was standing room only for the Inauguration of Nathan McMurray, Sybil Kennedy, Mike Madigan, Beverly Kinney and Patty Frentzel. It was a wonderful scene. All of Grand Island came together to embrace the future. It was a very happy event and everyone was there. You could feel the electricity in the air. Then it was off to the reception at the Beaver Island Clubhouse for the reception. It’s was standing room only there as well. The food was awesome. The event was catered by the Riverstone Grill on East River Road. The food was fantastic, I loved the appetizers and I will definitely be headed there for my next lunch. Kudo’s to the Riverstone Grill Click Here to check out there menu. In the past you would have expected this to have been a Political Party event, but it wasn’t. Grand Island has truly come together. It was more like a huge family event. There were Committeemen from all the Grand Island Political Parties. Assemblyman John D. Cereto was present, Grand Islands Town Clerk Patty Frentzel was there. There was just a fantastic mood in the air. Like those first days of spring when every smells clean and fresh. People were talking of new business. There were talks of new projects getting going. I am just happy writing about how it felt. While we were all there the Buffalo News posted a wonderful article on our new Supervisor Nate McMurray CLICK HERE TO READ. I have to say, I think Grand Island has truly turned the page and the best is yet to come.

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