Mary Cooke did WHAT?

First, let’s look at a little history and go back 4 years. The year was 2012, Mary Cooke took the Supervisors office from Pete McMahon. There was a very controversial race for Supervisor, incumbent Peter McMahon vs. Mary Cooke. Mary Cooke won the November 2011 election vote for Supervisor by 380 votes. What happened after that is what we all need to be interested in. We need to know just what kind of “CHARACTER” these people had. We need to know and remember this, just in case these people ask us to vote for them again.

CHARACTER DEFINED – The Mental and Moral Qualities distinctive to an Individual.

When Peter McMahon lost the election, he did exactly what you would expect. Running a Town is a big responsibility. You need to set your personal feelings aside and do what is right for the residents that elected you. You work with the individual replacing you and make them aware of all of the little things that are in the works, so the Town and it’s residents interests are protected. And the handover of power is done in an educated and efficient way. You wouldn’t want Grant money lost or a contract left uncompleted. You would want the “NEW PERSON” to know everything in the works. After all, the Supervisor serves the people of Grand Island and it’s interests. That is exactly what Peter McMahon did. He helped Mary Cooke learn the Supervisors Job. Pointing out all the ins and outs to the new guy is important.


What do you think Mary Cooke did when she found out she lost the Election?


5 Comments on "Mary Cooke did WHAT?"

  1. Glad to hear the Pirate is awake and ready to roar. Grand Island residents need to know the truth about Cooke and her cronies.

  2. Concerned Citizen | February 21, 2016 at 9:13 am | Reply

    I heard there may be an investigation of some type. Is this what you’re talking about?

  3. Did anyone notice the IsleDeGrande begging for donations ? It appears that contributions are down, he needs $100,000 to run that website, seems a little excessive. GI residents are sick of the bias political opinions published during the election. Don’t forget he removed all of Nate’s advertisements because his feeling were hurt….

    • gipirate-superuser | February 22, 2016 at 4:21 pm | Reply

      That is nuts. I say it like I see it. And when I say it, I back it up with proof in documents. Do people actually donate?

  4. What did Mary do? 1. She got the crooks and cronies on the Town Board to create a BS job for her assistant Liz Wilbert at the golden age center. Talk about a golden parachute! 2. She did everything she could think of to obstruct the transition, of our newly elected Supervisor. And she did A LOT more!!! She must have learned this from Hillary! Now the Grand Island GOP wants to throw a party in her honor. Yeah sign me up for that event. NOT! #Cookgate

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