FILEGATE! Buffalo News writes article on Mary Cooke.

Go read the Buffalo News article on Mary Cooke. CLICK HERE!

I am hearing their are people in Town Hall defending Cooke? Really? Tell me your names. I will post them here. Stand up publicly so we know who you are.

This person tried to sabotage Supervisor Nathan McMurray from doing his job. And in doing so has inflicted collateral damage to us taxpayers.

This person has had a vendetta against many small business owners and residents. Through information and belief, she has used the Town Code Enforcement to selectively attack those individuals.

She headed up the Take-Down of opponents Political Signs. Read Here! That demonstrates just how petty she is. “HOW DARE THOSE PEOPLE RUN AGAINST HER!” ” I’LL JUST TAKE DOWN THERE SIGNS”

This persons “character” is becoming clear.

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