MARY COOKE admits to deleting Town of Grand Island documents!

There it is. Like a child accused, she admits to what she thought was a lesser act. HOW CAN YOU LOOK AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR?

Watch the Channel 7 News article. CLICK HERE!

Mary Cooke made the statement to 7 Eyewitness News reporter Justin Moore, “she is not responsible, she said the only thing she deleted before leaving was her emails”. GUESS WHAT? Those aren’t your emails. THOSE ARE TOWN OF GRAND ISLAND DOCUMENTS!!!!! Remember the Civil Service training you took about document retention?

I guess the IT Staff has a new job. Recovering all of Mary Cooke’s deleted emails. WAS THERE SOMETHING THERE YOU DIDN’T WANT ANYONE TO SEE?

Isn’t some other politician in trouble for deleted emails?

Didn’t the FBI just recover all of Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails. Look Mary, you and Hillary are in the same boat! You are in good company!


The Town of Grand Island’s computer runs on the Windows Server Operating System. That Server requires, when set up and configured a maximum password age of 70 days. CLICK HERE TO SEE WINDOWS SERVER PASSWORD POLICIES. So you don’t have some old password that people might know. It consistently needs to be changed, JUST LIKE YOUR ANSWERS!

The Pirate says, lets look close at her statement

1. If someone else is responsible, who are you setting up to throw under the bus for your actions?

2. Who would have had access to your computer and keys to get into Town Hall and your office at 3am?

3. What motive would someone have for deleting your Peter McMahon’s Folder?

4. What motive would someone have for deleting Mark Cooke’s Folder?

The only guess/answer I can come up with is, “YOU!, and the reason is to sabotage the person who beat you in the election”!!!

Think about it! When Nathan McMurray started his campaign she influenced ISLE DE GRANDE to Take Down his political add on their website CLICK HERE TO READ!

And then further went on to remove his Political Signs from residents lawns. Now you are going to deny that you don’t have some out of control issue with your temper. Wake Up. We can all see right through you. Your actions speak for themselves.


Sabotaging the new Supervisor sabotages the residents and businesses of Grand Island! You put your childish temper above your duty as an elected official!

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  1. Jack Sparrow | May 3, 2016 at 6:58 am | Reply

    I am really tired of politics as usual at Town Hall. Between the rapid nepotism, seriously how many of Pattie Frentzel’s relatives are we paying? And the total lack of concern for obvious corruption, and criminal behavior. I had very high hopes with this new batch of board members. But it looks like Madigan, who played the outsider card to get elected, is just a yes man for the powers to be. Aronica doesn’t seem to care one way or another what happens. He was a brow beaten little boy under Cooke’s reign. And let’s be honest Ray Billica doesn’t have the mental capacity to know what’s happening. Unless of course, it’s to get his buddy a lucrative building opportunity. How big was that check Ray?? Kinney and McMurry don’t want to rock the boat, and appear to be complacent with the corruption, and criminal behavior.

    Well I think it’s time we “Rock the Boat” it’s time we demand action from Town Hall! We need our own Preet Bharara. Or maybe it’s time “We the People” file a lawsuit against the town forcing action. I for one, am sick of this, and want action!!!

    Jack Sparrow

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