Why would we need a Police Chief?

For what reason would we need a Police Chief? The Supervisor holds that title and it costs the Town of Grand Island nothing. We have a part-time police force. Further, we have 24 hour service from the Erie County Sheriffs and the State Troopers. Creating a full time Police Chief will create a Civil Service position. That means the Citizens of Grand Island will have to reach and their pockets and pay more taxes to pay a salary and pension for someone. Someone we will never be able to get rid of if we change our mind on this issue later. Who is behind this? Why are they behind this? I don’t want to pay more taxes. We are all going to pay more School Taxes. We can thank Mary Cooke, Gary Roesch, Chris Aronica and Ray Billica for that. As soon as that High Density apartment complex fills with tenants who pay NO School Taxes send their children to our schools. We will feel that in our pocket in the form of increased School Taxes. And all of us who pay School Taxes will pay for their children to go to our Grand Island Schools. What’s next? CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT HIGH DENSITY APARTMENTS! As a Town we need to gravitate away from electing career politicians seeking to suck salaries and pensions out of our pockets. We are not paying them to make bad political decisions and then create another paying position to give to their family and friends. Go to the Town Board meetings and tell these people to stop creating jobs for their families and friends. And if they do, don’t re-elect them.

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