Why would we need a Police Chief? PART 2

In the past The Pirate wrote about Mary Cooke, Gary Roesch, Chris Aronica, Ray Billica and Dick Crawford’s push to get Town Prosecutor, Mark Nemeth on the bench as a Judge on Grand Island. CLICK HERE TO READ MY PAST ARTICLE. That would have given them a Judge in their pocket. They already have their code enforcement crony Doug Learhman running around, still protected by Ray Billica, Chris Aronica and Mike Madigan’s Republican control of the Town Board of Grand Island. We have hear rumors that Mary Cooke has said she will be running for Town Council next year.

You see this is a big game of chess. And maneuvers are being made to try to consolidate power. Power to punish those that jilt the deep rooted power base that has ruined and controlled our Town for the past 2 decades.

Those people now want a Police Chief in their pocket. Do you, a citizen of Grand Island want a select few to control a Police Chief? Ask yourself that. This is not about public safety. It’s about control. The Pirate will be posting more about this issue in future articles.

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