The Pirate calls out Madigan! Madigan votes for Term Limits.

The Pirate called out Mike Madigan last Friday and this Monday he voted for Term Limits. It appears public pressure and maybe his conscience caused him to come back to vote for principles he ran on, to save face. But, will the Term Limits law really have any effect. Not for Mary Cooke or Dick Crawford. Wasn’t this suppose to stop people from having more than two terms. Yes and no. It’s not retroactive. So even though Mary Cooke served 17 years as a Councilman, she is still going to be able to run to be a Councilman next year. Why? The law was crafted in a way it wouldn’t be retroactive. You see some people who are not even sitting in office are still pulling the strings. Even Mike Madigan’s strings. It is going to take another election until we can really rid ourselves of these people. It is said that Dick Crawford and Mary Cooke are still pulling the strings in the Republican Party. They are the ones that pressured Mike Madigan to vote NO to Term Limits. But, when they knew their was no way to stop this, they gave him orders to have the law crafted in a way it had no effect on them.

He added this; Terms of office fully completed prior to the effective date of this law shall not count against the maximum term limitations established in this Article.

Why was this added? So Mary Cooke could run for Town Councilman next year. ARGH!

Is there a way to stop this? Yes there is. However, you the citizens of Grand Island are going to have to come out and vote. And not just in the General Election, but in the Primary Election as well.

Even Ray Billica and Chris Aronica are getting their marching orders from Mary Cooke and Dick Crawford. Why you ask? Chris Aronica is a Conservative. Yes, but Mary Cooke’s husband sits on the Grand Island Conservative Committee Board and she sits on the Grand Island Republican Committee Board. He agreed to take their orders, so they gave him the Republican and Conservative endorsements to run. You see, their it is in black and white. And the same goes for Ray Billica.

Mike Madigan has his own agenda, but he still is getting pressure from Mary Cooke and Dick Crawford to do their bidding. He ran on fiscal responsibility but he is still now pushing this police chief issue for them. That is a waste of taxpayer money. You the people of Grand Island need to tell him. NO! Don’t waste our money. He is on the fence, the people need to keep him on their side. Keep the public pressure on him. He ran for the Congressional District in the past and has higher hopes. Grand Island Councilman is a stepping stone for him. But he still needs Mary Cooke and Dick Crawford’s support and endorsements to stay in the game.

Remember, Mary Cooke used Doug Learman and the Code Enforcement Department as a weapon. She will also use the Police Chief as a weapon. These people need to go. Grand Island needs to rid ourselves of them once and for all. Grand Island citizens need to take back their Town Government.

We the people of Grand Island need to stop Mary Cooke and Dick Crawford from controlling our elected officials. Is this possible? YES IT IS! You have to take away their ability to control the endorsements from the Grand Island Republican and Conservative Political Parties.

Everyone! add this link and my future posts into your Facebook and Twitter pages. Stay involved. Please go and vote in your upcoming Primary and General Election. Let’s take back our Town.

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